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One of the best battle royale games in the world is rocking the mobile markets as well

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updated on May 16, 2022


Full console experience
Loads of fun for battle royale fans
Weekly updates
Plenty of in-game content


Difficult to play on a small screen
Gamers feel like constant updates do little to refresh the game's content
Runs poorly on many devices, with graphics issues
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Fortnite is such a phenomenon that has transcended gaming and influenced sports, music, and entertainment in general. The quality and fun in the game itself are not up to debate but many players have been worried whether the game's mobile version will be as good as the original console game. Let's check it out.

Fortnite was released for Android in 2018 but it became available on the Play Store in April 2020. You probably already know the main game mode: Battle Royale. In Battle Royale, a 100 players dive on the map from the battle bus, collect weapons and resources, and try to be the last player/team standing. Besides this mode, you can use your imagination and build whatever you want in the Creative mode.

Besides weapons and shooting, building is an important part of Fortnite dynamics. Both shooting and building are a bit difficult on the mobile screen and you'll definitely need some getting used to. The game wasn't cut in any way and you get to enjoy the full console experience. You can team up with your friends and try to go for the win. The map is dynamic and it offers new surprises every time you land!

Fortnite is not well-optimized for low-to-mid-tier phones and you might experience freezes and FPS drops, even if your device is supported. Graphics also decreases significantly if you're using a low-to-mid-tier device and it might ruin your experience if you've already played Fortnite on other platforms. Also, even if you haven't played Fortnite on other platforms, prepare for the initial frustration as you're trying to get the hang of the controls. Luckily, the game matches you with other similarly-skilled players until you get the hang of it.

The game is enjoyable and everyone who loves what Fortnite has to offer will surely spend countless hours with the game. Updates are released on a weekly basis, which sometimes annoys fans who feel like the updates don't bring extraordinary new features. We see a bright future ahead of the mobile Fortnite client, especially if they optimize the graphics to run properly on more devices!
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